Yestimun® Beta-Glucan is a natural and effective high quality immune supporting ingredient made from brewers’ yeast. The high quality raw material brewers’ yeast is the source for the natural ingredient without additives. Due to the high purity of the beta-glucan structure, it has an excellent recognition by immune cells. This is proven by the results of several clinical studies showing a significant reduction in common cold infections during winter.

Yestimun® is produced by Leiber GmbH in Germany, a specialist in brewers’ yeast products with more than 60 years of experience.

Yestimun® certified as GMO-free by VLOG: Yestimun® Beta-Glucan is certified by VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik = association for GMO free food).


Yeast Beta-Glucan shows highly effective recognition by immune receptors.

The natural and highly purified beta-glucan structure of Yestimun® (min 85%) can be identified by immune cells in the gut, like a pathogen. Consequently, a functional, rapid and unspecific immune response is triggered, which activates so-called scavenger cells in the Peyer’s patches. These scavenger cells start to destroy the pathogens or activate other defense cells (B and T cells, dendritic cells). Thus, the yeast beta-glucan simply boosts the immune system to enable it to react quickly in the event of an infection.

Significant reduction in common cold episodes.

Yestimun® protects the body against common colds. In representative nutrition studies with more than 100 healthy participants, the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of Yestimun® in cases of uncomplicated colds were investigated. The following significant results were repeatedly reached when compared with the placebo group:

  • Participants of the Yestimun® group experienced fewer common cold episodes during the most intense infection season.
  • In case of illness, the cold symptoms were less severe for participants taking Yestimun®.
  • The average duration of an episode proved to be shorter for participants in the Yestimun® group.

According to the studies, Yestimun® has no side effects and was evaluated as very good by study participants. It can be safely recommended for prophylactic purposes for people with an increased risk of infection.


Brewer’s Yeast Beta-Glucan has various applications:

Yestimun® is a light beige coloured fine spray powder, which is clear and neutral in taste and smell. Therefore, the dispersible ingredient can be easily added to various product formulations, including liquid applications. There is a large variety of possible application formats, such as:

  • dairy products & milk powder
  • instant drinks & juice
  • snack bars
  • drink shots
  • tablets & capsules

Yestimun® is produced in accordance with the highest certified quality standards. Moreover, it is Kosher and Halal certified. As a pure and natural ingredient, it can even be used for vegetarian and vegan products.

Products with ingredients that boost the immune system are currently attracting a lot of attention. Target groups for this topic are elderly people and children, as well as sports people and stressed people.

Yestimun® is an innovative and natural immune ingredient!


Here we present Yeast Beta-Glucan in its most natural form. The only raw material for Yestimun® ist the Brewers’ yeast.

The brewers’ yeast used in Yestimun® is a highly natural raw material. It is grown exclusively on barley, hops and water without any other added nutrients. Its composition and particularly its microbiological purity are thoroughly checked.

Yestimun® – made in Germany

During the production process the outer layer of the yeast cell wall, the manno-oligosaccharides, must be removed carefully to present the three-dimensional matrix of the beta-glucans to the gut’s immune cells. Following gentle autolysis with the yeast’s own enzymes, high-performance centrifuges are used to separate the cell walls. This separation is conducted repeatedly to remove other substances from the surface of the yeast cell wall. Thanks to the gentle processing method a high degree of purity in the glucan structure (min. 85%) can be achieved without usage of aggressive chemicals – the beta-glucan’s natural structure remains intact.

Leiber GmbH is a specialist in brewers’ yeast products with more than 60 years of experience!

Bionia Ltd is official representative of Leiber GmbH. The company specializes in the import and distribution of nutritional supplements and natural products with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.